Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Venue

If anybody needs information on wine farms and wedding venues in the Western Cape then just ask, we are now experts! We have spent the last week and a half travelling around, visiting wine farms, viewing wedding venues and being treated to extended tastings of Champagne!

On Tuesday we took the plunge and paid our deposit at the Morgenhof Wine Estate. We both like it very much and like the fact that the wedding co-ordinator there fills us with confidence. Ironically this was the very first place that we visited too! So that's it, all booked for the 9th January 2010 - told you it would be easy! Elaine still seems to think that there is a lot to do but i'm not so sure, what more could you need than a venue, food and drink!

With the wedding venue sorted we turned our attention to Elaine's visa application to come back to the UK for our summer. Sounds easy but you should see the amount of information required! eventually we finished the paperwork, got all of the supporting documentation photocopied and put together, paid the R888 (£70) fee and drove into Cape Town to deliver it. Surprisingly everything at the centre was very organised, we were in and out within 30 minutes, including the new biometric sampling of saliva and fingerprints.

That was it, admin over with........ for now!

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Ade said...

looks great guys. will start looking into flights and raking up dirt on jon!

give us a ring when you get back and you can tell us your plans.

A, M & F xxx