Sunday, 28 June 2009

Where are we now?

It's probably time to post something up to date on the blog rather than constantly playing catchup on road trips etc!

Well I'm back in the UK now and have been since last Monday. I flew via Istanbul again with Turkish Airlines into Birmingham. All very smooth and stress free really! I spent Monday and Tuesday relaxing and mostly sleeping. Since then I've been sorting out some of the admin (getting car back on the road etc) and working my way through a huge mountain of post! As of next Wednesday (1st July) I'm back on the payroll at National Express Group plc so have got to prepare myself mentally for re-entering the workplace!!!

Elaine is still in SA until the 7th July working extremely hard on wedding preparations. I just wish that I could be there to help her. I really appreciate all of her hard work and am sure that everything will be fantastic, she has very good taste you know!

Elaine lands in the UK on 8th July at London Heathrow but I won't be there to meet her as I'll be all the way up in Glasgow graduating from university! I have finally finished the 3.5 year slog of doing a degree by distance learning through work and am now a BSc in Railway Operations! It's going to be great to catch up with some former colleagues and celebrate finishing successfully! Elaine and I eventually meet up on th 9th as I taking the sleeper from Glasgow to London overnight after graduation, I am really missing her already so it will be fantastic to see her.

What then with the blog you may ask! Well I think that we may have to rename it slightly (we're not in Africa anymore afterall!) but we're going to carry on blogging and sharing our experiences with those of you over here and over there!

Thanks for reading for the last few months, hopefully we'll still be able to keep you entertained from now until our wedding next January!

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