Thursday, 25 June 2009

Some favourite views of Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch has quickly become a home from home for Jon so we decided to share just a few of our favourite views. Perhaps not a conventional collection of pictures to show someone what a town looks like but these are a few things that catch the eye every day.

Stellenbosch is a well structured town with a grid system of roads in the central area and plenty (some say more than plenty) of cafes and bars. Typical of this area is the oak lined Andringa Street.

The sculptor Dylan Lewis has turned Stellenbosch into one large sculpture park with a display of 23 pieces portraying big cats, buffalo and rhino. The buffalo pair outside Die Moederkerk (Mother Church) are simply stunning and will be sorely missed when the exhibition ends in October 2009.

This is our favourite tree in town, a naboom. It has only taken us 5 months to finally get round to actually taking a photograph of it!

This is part of the lei-water canal system which was developed by the early Dutch settlers to direct water from the Eerste Rivier to the 5 different mills around the town. Householders also drew the water to irrigate their gardens, something which some properties still have the right to do today.

Die Laan or The Avenue is a well known thoroughfare in the town and is part of local folklore. Apparently you cannot consider yourself a local until an acorn has fallen on your head (Stellenbosch is also known as Eikestad or City of Oaks), you have fallen on your own head in De Akker (The Acorn pub - SA's second oldest) and kissed on Die Laan. Do you have any idea how long it takes hanging around under oak trees waiting for an acorn to fall on your head?!!!!!

The 'Maties' is the nickname for Stellenbosch RFC of 'Stellenbosch Laws' fame. This is reputed to be the largest rugby club in the world with 1200 playing members and 56 teams! Springbok legend Danie Craven was closely associated with the club for nearly 50 years and coached the first team from 1947 to 1991! Unsurprisingly the Maties play their home games at the 17000 capacity Danie Craven Stadium, which hosted Australia vs Romania in the 1995 world cup and provides possibly the most beautiful location in the world to play rugby.

The view of the circle (roundabout) on Merriman from Cluver sums up the natural beauty that surrounds this town. It is also the view that tells us we are 200m from home!

Just a flavour but hopefully we can add more as time permits.

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