Monday, 22 June 2009

Road Trip 2.7

Thursday 11th June

The sun was shining, the birds singing and we headed straight off to the hot and cold pools at the main spa centre of The Baths. What a way to start the day! The water in the hot pool was just about bearable, just like a very hot bath, quite a strange experience swimming around and starting to sweat straight away!

Elaine braved the cold pool periodically but I was quite happy lounging around in the hot pool on a nice comfortable step! After we started to turn wrinkly we decided to head back to the cottage and make some breakfast. We ate on the front 'stoop' and enjoyed the views of the fruit laden valley disappearin into the distance. A truly idilic spot.

The morning was spent with bathing, reading and relaxing, as was much of the afternoon! Eventually it was time to get ready for the journey to dinner at Lambert's Bay.

Muisbosskerm is a famous seafood buffet open air beach restaurant and we had hoped to eat here when we had stayed in Lambert's Bay earlier in the week. Unfortunately it is not open every night of the week at this time of year but it was going to be tonight thanks to a large group booking of administration staff from Stellenbosch University! The round trip journey would be something like 250km but we hoped that it would be worth it.

We set off in plenty of time, stopping to take some photos at the nearby Clanwilliam Dam.

In no time at all we were back in Lambert's Bay and collecting shells on the beach for yet another one of Elaine's unspecified art projects! Still, it is quite amazing just how many fantastic shells litter the beches in this part of the world.

As the sun began to set it was time to make the short journey down the coast to Muisbosskerm. The preparations were well underway with varous fires lit for braais and outdoor ovens. Dried fish and other snacks were on offer and the bar was open. Muisbosskerm literally means Mouse Shrub Screen and that is exactly what the structure is made of, a series of screens to shield the wind from the sea, very clever and stylish.

We sat with some of the group from the University and enjoyed good company nice wine and excellent food. As the evening wore on more and more types of fish were brought to the table for us to try as well as sweet potato, cooked roe, paella and homemade bread. We soon reached the point where we simply could eat no more!

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and started the drive back to The Baths in a happy mood. In what seemed like no time at all we were back in the cottage and fast asleep!

Good night!

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