Thursday, 25 June 2009


On Wednesday 17th June we were fully recovered from our trip and arranged to take Elaine's parents for lunch at Morgenhof, our wedding venue, to celebrate Oom Leon's birthday and to sample the food that we hope our guests will enjoy!

Firstly though was a quick dash into Cape Town to collect Elaine's passport which had been returned to the UK visa office from the consulate in Pretoria. Of course they don't tell you if they have granted a visa and you cannot open the package until you have left the office. Elaine jumped back into the car and opened it. Success! One shiny new 6 month multiple entry visitor's visa. Excellent, one big worry out of the way!

We shot off back towards Stellenbosch and our lunch appointment at Morgenhof.

We feel like part of the family now with the staff all stopping to say hello and ask if there was anything that they could help with. We are certain that we have made the right choice of venue even if we have to keep the number of guests to 65 to ensure that we will all get a seat!

We took a few reference photos around the estate before sitting down to lunch.

The food that we were served was fabulous! Pork Loin, Norwegian Salmon, Quiche and Beef Fillet were followed with Crème Brûlée and a fantastic Dark Chocolate Marquíse.

We all thouroughly enjoyed our meals and feel very happy with the choice of venue.

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