Friday, 26 June 2009

Engagement / Goodbye Jon Party!

Friday 19th June

We decided that as I was going home on Sunday 21st June and that we had now been engaged for a month that we should have a party to celebrate both events!

We 'slaved' away in the kitchen for 'hours' making nibbles and tasty treats to fill the dining table in the big house (thanks for letting us take over your home again Ninja and Stoffel!) and hopefully keep our guests full when they arrived.

And arrive they did! It was great to see so many people, the street outside was packed with cars. It looked like there was a rugby match going on!

I escaped having to braai any meat as we had so much food already but Stoffel and Johan Lombard assessed me on my ability to braai the 'broodjies' and cook the butternut halves and the mushroom and spinach mix. The verdict was a pass! Now I've just got to wait until January to graduate on the meat!!

We had a great (late) night and would like to thank everyone so much for coming, it meant a lot to us. Thanks also for all the presents, you really shouldn't have. We didn't get to take many pictures but here's a few that we got in the 5 minutes that the camera was out!


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Elaine said...

"We"..cough.. didn't slave jonboy... you were happily blogging while your future wife slaved away like a boychild in Greece... but thank you so much for making the braaibroodjies, A-class braaiman as usual.. And from my side, also a HUGE thank you to all the friends and fam who came and partied into the night. Can't wait for Dec to do it all again! Dankie Ninja en Stoffel, julle is totally my tweede ouers.Lief *e