Monday, 25 May 2009

The Proposal

We had a fabulous day last Wednesday. As the weather has been so good lately we woke really early, packed a picnic and set of for Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa.

Elaine was unaware that I had a plan for the day!

We enjoyed the ride out towards Caledon and stopped for some coffee and picnic provisions at the quaint town of Napier. Recharged and finally awake we carried on towards our destination in the blazing sunshine.

Finally we could see the large red and white lighthouse that showed us we were nearly there.

A short dirt road drive later and we were as far south as it is possible to be in Africa without getting wet toes! We had a walk out to the monument identifying the southernmost point and the joining of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Time to put the plan into action! We found ourselves on the top of the moment looking at a small starfish that Elaine had found and the time felt right. I dropped to one knee and asked the big question! Happily Elaine said yes straight away and burst into tears (though she now claims that this was due to the Atlantic wind)!

Luckily the ring fits perfectly, though it is a temporary one until we can get a permanent one designed and made. I never knew that glass could sparkle quite that much!

Back in the 'bakkie' I had hidden a chilled bottle of champagne amongst the picnic items so we cracked it open and drank it admiring both the view and the sight of a ring on Elaine's finger.

We had a great day exploring the coast nearby, even getting the 'bakkie' stuck on a dune in Arniston requiring the help of some locals (and Elaine) to push us back onto firmer ground!

After a very happy day we got back to Stellenbosch at around 1900hrs just in time for Elaine to go to Bookclub and gossip with the 'aunties'!

We've had a great few days since then with lots of celebrating and late nights. Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes. Now we've just got to find a venue and organise a wedding, which I think should be pretty straightforward!!!

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george and andy said...

Jon and Elaine,

Congratulations on your news. Jon you have come a long way from downing 20 pints of carling in the greyhound, stockland etc to picking a bottle of champagne out of the back of the picnic basket. We have read your blog along the way and you seem to be having a great time. See you soon.

George and Andy