Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tax Dodgers!

Sorry there's been no update for a while but we've been a bit busy!

Stellenbosch has a student population of something like 22,000 (some say 35,000 but I can't find that mentioned online!) and last week they started back! No more easy parking in the town centre and traffic jams that Birmingham City Council would be proud of!

Last week was the equivalent of 'freshers' week at home where all the new students arrive with their Mercedes driving parents, find their halls (called a Res here) and start to party.

The tradition on the Thursday is to decorate the windows of each 'res' for the locals to come and see, this is known as 'Vensters' (Windows). The modern practice is to build a massive stage outside the Res and put on a show. I'm not sure how many Res's there are here but there must have been 20 shows to go and see, so we did. Elaine, Ninja, Stoffel, Rei and myself, armed with plastic drinks bottles full of wine (drinking on the street is illegal here), joined the thousands of other people on the streets and walked from Res to Res watching the surprisingly well produced shows.

Stoffel and I then got a little bored and made our way to one of the student bars (via a superb 'bunny girl' show - our favorite of the night) and blended in as 'mature' students while the others carried on walking from show to show.

Once the students finished performaing, as they had been doing every 20 minutes for most of the day, it got pretty busy so we headed home feeling well entertained.


yournotsparticus said...

illicit booze in plastic bottles, just like an away game with the villa!!

yournotsparticus said...

illicit booze in plastic bottles, just like an away day with the villa!!