Thursday, 5 February 2009

Catch up on the rest of the week!

Following the Braai we got up late and said goodbye to Katie (well Elaine did, I was still asleep) who was leaving the same day for London and the forcast of snow.

The obligatory Bloody Mary's helped to wake us up and then it was time for Elaine and I to head off to Linda and Meiring's to warm up some of the leftover meat from the Braai. A swim in the pool was just what the doctor ordered followed by yet more steak! Sunday night was one of the best night's sleep we have both ever had!

Monday was very quiet, just chilling in the sun at home and watching DVDs before going to bed.

Tuesday - A very productive day shopping for inflatables and supplies for the 'Up the Creek' Music Festival this weekend (more on that when we come back). We got a lilo and a Dragon for ourselves and a huge Shark for Meiring. It should be fun!

Wednesday - Lunch with Elaine's parents at the Skilpadvlei Wine Estate for a delicious Waterblommetjiebredie (Cape Asparagus and Lamb Stew).

Then off to Cape Town for 'eat as much as you can' Sushi with Elaine's friends Nadia, Lise and Flippie. We barely got past the first two platters before giving up! We are definitely going there again but next time we will not eat for at least two days before going! We slept in Cape Town at Lise's.

Thursday - more tile shopping on the way back from Cape Town then the excitement of the pond being filled with water for the first time. We added our present to Ninja and Stoffel, a family of rubber ducks, and had a paddle! The fountain will be fitted later today then next week it will be full steam ahead with the mosaic.

When we wake up later we'll be of to 'Up The Creek' for the weekend so we'll see you all next week!

Well, that's it. You are now up to date! More when we get back on Monday.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the snow to those of you in the UK!

Love J&E

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