Monday, 23 February 2009

Meiring is 40!

Once again it has been a while since our last update, no excuses, we are feeling lazy!

Meiring celebrated his 40th birthday the weekend before last with a 'spit braai'. This was a new type of braai experience for me to go with charcoal, wood, indoor, outdoor etc etc! There's lots of work involved but it is a fantstic way to enjoy a day and eat some great meat, sorry to any vegetarians out there but South Africans LOVE their meat!

I got roped in to the work side of the day early when I bumped into Meiring at the local supermarket. He had just bought the entire stock of charcoal and needed a hand transporting it! As I had already dropped Elaine off I filled the 'bakkie' with braai equipment and headed round to Meiring and Linda's house to deliver it.

After carrying in bags and bags of charcoal we erected 3 spits and started the fires! Meiring set about attaching the sheep (lambs I suppose) to the metal frames ready for a good few hours turning and gently cooking to perfection.

This of course gave everybody else plenty of time to position themselves around the braai, shield themselves from the sun and get on with some serious socialising!

Meiring was not alone in only having the use of one hand at the party, it seems that South Africans are also prone to breaking bones!

The food was absolutely delicious, I think it is the closest to a 'meat feast' that I've experienced. Fabulous.

After an evening of drinking and debating why exactly the Boer War was my personal fault with some of the drunken SA gang Elaine and I made our wobbly way home happy and well fed!

Happy Birthday Meiring!

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