Thursday, 5 February 2009

Student Carnival

With Thursday night out of the way I assume that most of the students spent Friday in bed or preparing their floats for the carnival marking the end of 'freshers' week.

All of the new students have spent a week being 'initiated' by their more senior colleagues. It's all pretty straightforward really, they are forced to wear the same clothes, get marched around town, made to do menial tasks and generally introduced to the ways of their particular 'Res', all very amusing to see when you are popping down to the shops for some milk!

On Saturday morning parts of the town centre were cordoned off by the police and lined by thousands of expectant locals and students. We found a good spot near the start of the procession route and caught a few morning rays whilst we waited. I amused myself watching two guys preaching to the crowd about sin with very little response. Tough crowd students! They seemed happy enough though as they made sure they took pictures of ech other holding the banner! Isn't 'Pride' one of the seven deadly sins?

Eventually in the distance we could see batons twirling and bands marching so we prepared ourselves for the 'floats' which the students had designed and built. One by one lorries disguised as all manner of things trundled by and the onlookers showered them with loose change (though in the case of the medical students it was more like 'pelted' - not sure why!). I'm not sure who pays for all of this but they were pretty impressive, Fred Flintstone in a Ferrari being one particular favorite.

Elaine took some gentle abuse when a float called the 'Toaster' came past as this is the nickname given to our house after it burnt down a few years ago when Elaine lived here!

Then it was time to head off to Cape Town to buy mosaic tiles. Ninja and Elaine enjoyed themselves doing this, Stoffel and Jon were bored!!

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