Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Is it a fountain, a pool or a pond?

We've had the builders in at Drommadaris Street lately building what Ninja and Elaine describe as a fountain and Stoffel and I call a splash pool and bar area!

During our now traditional Sunday Bloody Mary breakfast in the gazebo it was decided that the structure formerly referred to as fountain, splash pool or bar will be now known simply as 'The Pond'.

It is going to look fabulous sitting in the courtyard area between the two houses. We've got to wait for another week or so for the concrete to cure then it's going to be lined and the surrounding area paved. Once the lining is done Elaine will start work installing the mosaic which will cover the top of the surround.

Here's a picture of her hard at work designing the mosaic. I think that the bottle of cider was purely there to provide a sense of scale and some perspective rather than inspiration!

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