Saturday, 14 February 2009

Let the children play!

We've had the pavers in for the last week or so and on Thursday they covered the back yard in sand ready to start laying cobbles on Friday. It was just like having our own beach surrounding 'the pond'.

Sitting outside having a coffee with Ninja and Stoffel we started talking about how we actually liked the idea of having a beach and how we would come to miss it eventually. Naturally one thing led to another and we built a huge sandcastle complete with guard ducks and security fencing!

How old are we?!!!

We decided that the castle should remain standing to greet the workmen when they arrived on site at 0700hrs the following morning. Obviously unable to sleep due to the excitement we were all up and about at 0630hrs!

When the workmen arrived they looked a little bemused to say the least. Their nervous smiles gave the fact away that they now think we are all stark raving mad. Funnily enough they seemed to work very quickly on Friday in an attempt to get the job finished and leave!!

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