Friday, 27 February 2009

Happy Birthday Elaine

On Wednesday Elaine turned 29 - the age that she intends to remain forever according to her!

Elaine was awake at 0630hrs and started ripping at her presents approximately 30 seconds later. As I always cover everything in sellotape the unwrapping process lasted at least 2 minutes! I love watching how frustrated she gets when she can't find a way past the wrapping paper and eventually fetches a kitchen knife to gain access - small pleasures!

We took the day off from sticking small pieces of tile to 'the pond' and headed off into Cape Town for a bit of tourism!

First up we drove to Signal Hill and were treated to great views of the sea mist rolling over Sea Point, Robben Island, Green Point Stadium (being built for the 2010 football World Cup) and the City itself. The paragliders were already out, taking the quick route down! You also get a magnificent view of Table Mountain from here.

Then it was the short drive to the Table Mountain Cable Car for a trip to the top, well the drive was short but the walk back from the parking for Jon was long!

Elaine found out that it pays to tell people it is your birthday as she was given a complimentary ride, added to the fact that I have a valid bona fide student card we had a very cheap journey! As we had saved quite a bit of money we decided that we should treat ourselves to a bottle of Champagne (which can't be called Champagne due to EU protection even though the SA 'methode cap classique' is better than the French version - obviously i've got to say that as a true Brit) and some snacks. Lovely! Happy Birthday in style!

I had a bit of a bizarre experience while we were enjoying our champagne. A couple sat on the table next to us and there was something very familiar about one of them. After a few seconds I was convinced I was right and moved into their line of sight saying 'hello Tom'. What a strange place to bump into a work colleague! For those of you who know him (sorry to those who don't) Tom Joyner was there visiting his sister. They had been far more energetic than us and had walked up the mountain! What a small world!

As the mist had cleared we took a walk around the top of the mountain, really just like a great big table top and enjoyed the views and even spotted where the 'bakkie' was parked, 'miles' from the cable station!

Eventually it was time to head back closer to sea level by cable car again. I forgot to mention that the floor of the cars rotate as they make their journey. Very cool. This is also a pretty steep run as can be seen below! Definately not for those of you who don't like heights!

Once we got to the bottom we quickly popped to Long Street so that Elaine could spend some of her birthday money. Suprise surprise she is now the proud owner of yet another multi-coloured handbag!! (Elaine wants you all to know that it is a flabbergasting, stupendously smashing 'Mielie'handbag, infact the one on the right!

By this time it was 1600hrs and time we got back to Stellenbosch in the rush hour traffic - just like home! We got home about an hour later and got ready for Elaine's parents, brother André and friends Shanien and Larah. Caramel and custard cake, peppermint tart and champagne were enjoyed on the gazebo, which made a change from Bloody Mary's!!

To round off the day we went to Cognito's for a nice meal. Just to add to the list of freebies for the day we met one of Elaine's friends there who had been entertaining clients at the restaurant so we were treated to some of their canapés and drinks before taking our seats and being offered a complimentary cocktail for the birthday girl! The food and wine were excellent, Kudu (type of deer) for me, beef for Elaine and a bottle of Rainbow's End Shiraz, made by Anton Malan, Elaine's brother's best friend!

What a great day!


Anonymous said...

belated happy bday,obviously a date of many great events.Paris was filled with all the essentals-snails,art,public transport,a con woman,rugby and of course food poisoning-all made the wkend an experience to remember.looks like yall still having a blast, still wish we were there. love the plunks

yournotsparticus said...

great pics mate, looks fantastic, and belated birthday wishes to elaine!!