Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Home Sweet Home

I suppose we should tell you a little bit about the fantastic place where we are living!

Nina and Stefan (or Ninja and Stoffel to us) have a lovely house in Stellenbosh. In the same grounds is the 'Toaster' which is where we live. Elaine used to live here before coming to the UK and was resident when the whole place burnt down some years ago, hence the name! She still professes her innocence, though we are undecided!

We have our own garage, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and outside living space as well as being fortunate enough to have access to the gardens, gazebo, braai and the main house.

At the moment the builders are here constructing a splash pool which will be home to three fountains and decorated in mosaic by Elaine. We are all looking forward to summer evenings with cocktails and dangling our feet in the water!

We love it here and you couldn't hope for nicer neighbours/landlords than ours.

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