Sunday, 11 January 2009


Let's see, bed at 0600, Elaine wide awake at 1030, Jon woken by Elaine at 1031........... nice!

Elaine's friend Lise has just passed her final exams to become a Barrister and organised a weekend celebration and 'braai' at her family beach house in Kleinmond.

The drive from Stellenbosch takes about an hour and a half and the scenery through and over the mountains is breathtaking. The coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches and small colourful towns.

After buying 'supplies' we all went to the beach for a couple of hours and dipped our toes into the South Atlantic - bracing to say the least! Then it was time to sample my first 'braai'.

The guys all concentrated on building the fire and drinking beer whilst Elaine helped the other girls prepare salads etc and show their support for the local wine industry!

After all of the preparation it was time to eat 'Snoek' (a saltwater member of the Pike family), Boerewors (SA sausage), Braai Broodjies (cheese and tomato sandwiches toasted on the Braai) and every type of salad known to man! The food and company were both great.

Eventually we got to bed at 0100 hours, once again, shattered!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are both enjoying yourselves but please Jon if you're exposing that white body of yours to the sun don't forget the sun cream, all I'm saying is remember France 2008!!!!!
Lots of Love Tor xx

Ade said...

Just read through ALL of your entries in one go (Ade had neglected to tell me about them!!) Sounds like you two are having a fab time! Enough about all the sunshine! Keep in touch. Lots of love Meg x

Mick C said...

Have you introduced them to your ritual with the silver birch twigs yet!!!!