Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Eagle has landed

This is the first attempt to post by e-mail from Blackberry! If it looks a mess I'll sort it out in the next few days when we get online.

I finally arrived yesterday lunchtime after 13 hours on the plane including a 2hr scheduled stop at Jo'burg. Thumbs up to Turkish Airlines, nice new airbus, two seats to myself, decent entertainment, edible food (I'll eat anything anyway) and as much red wine as you can drink. Whether I slept or passed out is open to debate but I arrived feeling pretty refreshed.

It was so exciting to finally set foot in Africa. Absolutely stunning scenery and a pleasant 26 degrees. After passport control and collecting my cargo it was time to see if Elaine had remembered if I was coming!

I got about a foot and a half outside the customs hall when she appeared, running full pelt, grining and shouting. Fortunately this gave me time to brace myself for the inevitable impact!

All pretty straight forward really, a stress free journey.

Once we got the bags into the 'bakkie' (definately worth a post in its own right) we set off for Cape Town and Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel . We checked into the very cool 'Freshroom' and had time for a quick shower and change before heading off to Stellenbosch and a run through of James and Reinette's wedding before the big day on Friday as Elaine is one of the bridesmaids. They have an absolutely stunning location but you'll have to wait for Friday (well probably Monday!) to see!

A stroll around the pretty town of Stellenbosch, which will be home to us from Thursday, followed then it was time for 'post wedding practice drinks'. Great company and nice to get to know a few more of the family/other guests before the big day.

A day exploring followed by the official pre wedding drinks in Cape Town make up the plan for today then we'll move into our house in Stellenbosch on Thursday morning. We'll try and get some photos uploaded as soon as we can.


Bas, Charl, Ella and Eddie said...

gday kids. oh how i wish we were there too, sun and fun sounds way better than the crap for weather and back to work blues were suffering from. enjoy it for us, the plunks

Ade said...

I spent the day in the Basingstoke drizzle. I am so jealous. I'm guessing from the lack of photos either the Turks or the Africans have nicked your camera.