Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Big Day

After a few days of pre wedding activity including a fantastic spa day for Elaine and champagne reception at the exclusive Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, Friday finally arrived.

Jon dropped Elaine off at Reinette's (the bride) mother's house for hair, make up and 'pre match' nerve settlers (probably vodka!) only to be summoned back 20 minutes later with the forgotten half of the outfit!

At 4 o'clock it was time to meet up for the drinks reception (have you spotted a theme yet?) at the Stellenbosh Botanical Gardens . Mojitos, billtong and some amazing canapes were enjoyed by James (the groom) and guests until 4.30 when it was time for him to disappear and Reinette to arrive, without accidentally bumping into each other.

The bridal party looked absolutely stunning (though this was not a surprise) as did the 1958 Jaguar Mark VIII 3.4l! In fact the girls will soon be appearing on the car's very own website (link here when I've found it). Of course Elaine was by far and away the most beautiul non-bride there and looked stunning in her 1920's 'Flapper' dress.

Then it was off to the vineyards, winery and restaurant at Tokara for the outdoor ceremony, reception and party. The location is simply stunning and a fabulous time was had by all. I've now met loads of Elaine's friends and like them all very much. Being with such a sociable and friendly bunch really makes me feel part of things here.

In the wee small hours it was time for the wedding party to come to an end and for us all to head off in different directions. We ended up at at the house of Elaine's friends Linda and Meiring for beachball water polo in the pool, drinks and classic vinyl tunes! At six o'clock in the morning and with Richard wearing Katy's dress it was finally time to call it a night so we made our way round the corner to our house happy but shattered. What a day!

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