Friday, 16 January 2009

Croc Farm

Elaine's friend Alzette runs Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm with her family between Franschhoek and Paarl.

We went for a lovely relaxing lunch of croc pie and croc spring rolls overlooking one of the lakes at the farm. Like many other exotic meats I think that crocodile meat is a bit like chicken....... though that could just be me of course! We all shared a nice bottle of local white wine and set off to see the crocs.

First up amongst the near 2000 inhabitants was 'Snowy' a rare albino croc who has to be kept in the shade to protect his sensitive eyes and skin. Snowy looked deceptively cute but you could see in his eyes that he would quite happily take a nibble out of any part of you that got too close!

Then we went out to the main holding pools that some 1600 bigger crocs call home. Our guide was really passionate about the crocs and moved amongst them with confidence. It would appear that crocs love to eat chickens, perhaps that explains their taste!

We got to hold a three month old croc and Elaine even put her finger into his mouth, taking great care not to touch either jaw! Our guide than showed us just how quickly they can snap shut by putting an old mobile phone in the crocs mouth. Snap! It took a good 5 minutes to persuade the croc to let go! Seems like they like to eat mobiles as well as chicken!

We took loads of nice photographs to be used on the farm's website at a later date and eventually posted somewhere for you all to see (still not able to do this yet, sorry).

Tonight we are off for another Braai with Elaine's friends Leonie and Radie near Cape Town.

Love to you all Jon and Elaine

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