Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Jess and Gary get married!

We certainly had a very busy 48 hours last weekend. After getting home from Rachael and Andy's wedding at 0300hrs we had a few hours sleep before setting off to see Jess and Gray get married! Fortunately their wedding was also fairly local so we could maximise the time we spent in bed!

Once again we met the groom and most of the congregation in a local pub before the event (do you think that Elaine will allow me to do the same next January 9th?!). This time Elaine went the whole hog by wearing a hat! Unfortunately we have no evidence of this but I am sure that someone will provide a suitable shot!

Unfortunately the weather was terrible but that didn't bother Jess and Gary, after the service they were straight out in the rain for some photos, which I'm sure will look great as bad weather always seems to give very special light conditions.

The reception was nearby and the photographer took advantage of a break in the weather to take some more photos of the wedding party and guests. In true Gary style the newlyweds made a grand entrance to the reception and received a standing ovation!

The reception was hugely entertaining and we met some interesting people as well as some old friends. Speeches were delivered between courses (this worked really well - obviously we were filling notebooks with ideas at both weddings!) and included a speech from the bride herself (Elaine has now sealed victory in this department and will no doubt have her say at our reception)! It has to be said that Gary is a very funny man and his speech didn't disappoint, I think he missed his vocation!

We were entertained by the father of the bride's band afterwards who were excellent, as was Jess' mom who sang for us in the church. Not sure if either of ours will be doing that for us!!

As the evening wore on it was time to release some chinese lanterns, covered in good luck messages from all of us, into the Birmingham night. They made a real spectacle as they kept on rising and flying away towards Moseley.

All too soon it was time for us to take our very tired bodies home for a well deserved sleep!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hitchmough!

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