Monday, 31 August 2009

Barrow Hill - Elaine and Trains!

9th august 2009

After a nice trip back to England the day before we stayed overnight in Kiveton with our friend Alexa and some of the gang in readiness for visiting the nearby Barrow Hill Roundhouse the next day to support their Diesel Gala.

Elaine already knows my mates Mervyn (the General Manager at Barrow Hill) and Jon Pridmore (NRM) but hadn't yet met the rest of the 'railway gang'. Normally Merv would have been abusing my kind heartedness by working me to the bone but this time we were just visiting!

Elaine met loads of my mates during the day who all seemed intent on showing her how railways and locomotives work! She seemed to quite enjoy her time in the cab and up in the signal box!

After a few hours it was time to head off back to Birmingham and our own bed! Another good 'road' trip!

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