Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Road Trip - Part 10 (The Run Home)

Thursday 26th March - Port St John's to Buffalo Bay

Time to head home! We had been invited to spend some more time with Leonie's family at Gouritzmond over the weekend and decided to put in a long driving day to give us a shorter leg on Friday.

We didn't really set a target but thought that somewhere like Tsitsikamma should be achievable, in the end we managed 900km and Buffalo Bay!

The drive was great as it was like a referesher of the last week and a half, driving through familiar places and seeing some new and some familiar things. We negotiated Umthatha without a problem this time as well!

You know that you are having a driving day when the first time you stop the car after filling it with petrol is to fill it all over again! We did this twice, once in East London and again at Jeffrey's Bay!

As we neared the Tsistsikamma National Park we were treated to a glorious sunset and must have taken about 100 photos at high speed trying to get some good ones!

Eventually a very weary pair pulled into the familiar car park of the Buffalo Bay Backpackers and opted for a safari tent for the night! We both simply passed out until the morning!

Friday 27th to Saurday 28th March - Buffalo Bay to Gouritzmond

After a big slog the day before there was only a relatively short 200km to go so we took our time waking up and having breakfast!

Another problem free drive and three hours later we were once again sitting, beer in hand, with Leonie's family in Gouritz. This time Leonie's dad Frank, brother John and sister-in-law Riana were also there.

Another weekend of great food, fine wine, rugby and good company were had. On the Saturday we walked on the beach and collected half a tonne of driftwood for Elaine to incorporate into a future art project (though no timescale has been stipulated of course!!).

Sunday 29th March - Gouritzmond - Cape Town - Stellenbosch

After a lovely couple of evenings it was time to head back home, though not directly as we had to go to Lise and Phil's braai (what else) in Cape Town first! That's 300km for a steak and 50km back the way we had come to get home!

We had a quick stop in Gouritzmond to take some pictures of a windpump. For some reason we both really like these very common constructions!

We stocked up with meat en-route and made it to the Mother City by about 1400hrs. It was probably the hottest day that we have experienced this year. It was uncomfortably hot, especially anywhere near the braai! You couldn't walk barefooted outside without burning your feet and if you left your seat for too long you were in danger of burning somewhere else entirely on your return!

That being said we had a good time, meeting Phil and his friends for the first time and catching up with Nadia, Flippie and Lise again.

The views of Table Mountain and Lion's Head from the front of the house were fabulous.

Finally, just as it was starting to cool down it was time to head back home to Stellenbosch and see the neighbours for the first time in a few weeks, it must have been bliss for them!

We had a fabulous trip, hopefully the first of many, but it was also very nice to finally be home!

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