Thursday, 9 April 2009

Road Trip - Part 1

Better late than never eh! We'll try and put some of the highlights of our trip into words and pictures for you starting right now!

The basic plan was to drive along the coast, along the 'garden route' and see how far we could get in the little over two weeks we had allowed ourselves. We were armed with a vehicle, a tent and a copy of 'coast to coast' (the backpackers friend)!

We set off on Friday 13th March on the 300km drive to Gouritzmond to stay with Elaine's friend Leonie at her parents spectacular family home with her mother Leona, husband Radie, sister Karen, brother-in-law Riaan and niece Emma.

So much for roughing it in a tent for now! The journey was pretty staightforward and it was nice to see that real progress has been made on the roadworks - we were only stopped once, a real improvement on when we last travelled this way for 'Up The Creek'.

As soon as we arrived at the house Radie told me that we had to go on a mission in search of an ostrich egg (the equivalent of 20 chicken eggs) for breakfast the following day. We drove to some of the local ostrich farms and asked but the best we got was a promise to ring if any became available. Disappointing but there's always next time!

Of course we had a Braai and a few bottles of wine in the evening followed by a deep sleep accompanied by the sound of the Indian Ocean crashing onto the nearby beach.

Saturday consisted of excellent company, food, Super 14s rugby and more Braai food! It also taught me the power of the sea in these parts, the current just wouldn't let me make progress back towards the beach until Karen came to my rescue with a boogyboard, now an item on my shopping list as a 'must have' during beach visits.

On Sunday we relaxed and had a walk around Gouritzmond and a short drive along the coast during the sunset looking at an old abandoned mansion and spotting some interesting wildlife.

Monday was to be the first day of our road trip proper so early to bed with great expectations for the coming two weeks!

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