Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Crooked House

16th August 2009

We went out for a Sunday drive with no particular agenda or idea where we would go. Eventually we found ourselves heading into the Black Country and a thought struck me! I should take Elaine to one of the strangest pubs in the world, The Crooked House at Himley. Unfortunately we didn't take the camera but thanks to Elaine's mobile and YouTube we can show you what we saw!

This would be Elaine's introduction to our neighbours, the 'yams yams' who are native to the Black Country and their dialect which is very different from my own, though most people in the UK think are the same!

The Crooked House is very strange place indeed. Originally built in 1765 as a farmhouse it became a pub in 1830. Thanks to subsidence due to old mine workings the entire pub leans at a 15 degree angle and was actually condemned in 1940 before Wolverhampton & Dudley Brewery safeguarded it for future generations by shoring it up!

We went into the bar and watched one of the pubs party tricks, a marble rolling uphill along a window ledge! It really is the most extraordinary place. Window ledges and sills appear to be sloping but if you put a drink on them it is actually level! Check out this clip from YouTube.

We enjoyed a nice pint of Banks's and Elaine's first ever pork scratchings before heading back 'over the border' to Birmingham!

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