Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Time for an update!

Once again it has been a while since we last wrote to you all!

We're not sure where the time has gone to be honest but let's see if we can remember some of what we've been up to. Well as we've already said Elaine landed safely on 8th June and I managed to get to London that night to meet up with her.

The following day we hit London town, heading off to Camden Town with Reinette whilst poor old James went off to work. Believe it or not it was a lovely sunny day and we thouroughly enjoyed a traditional extended pub lunch with a few pints of Magners!

After a few enjoyable hours we tried to get on the tube back to Kings Cross but couldn't due to some problem or other at the station. We decided to get the bus from round the corner but that let us down too! Eventually we made our way back to the tube to find that the problems were now sorted afterall!

At 'The Cross' we all made ourway to meet up with my mate and former colleague John Cole at the world famous (well in our world anyway) Skinners Arms. It's always good to catch up with John and whichever ex MML men are there and we enjoyed a few sociable beers before it was time for rei to head off and for Elaine and I to take John for a beer nearer to Charing Cross and his train home!

Sometime later we were heading solo on the South Bank being entertained by a rather large purple inflatable cow lying on its back surrounded by trees with red polka dot trunks!! Good stuff that Magners!

Finally we made our way through to one of our favourite parts of London, Borough Market for one last drink at another great pub, The Market Porter before catching our train back to Sydenham from London Bridge.

All in all a fairly boozy and fun day in the capital!

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