Friday, 13 March 2009

Road Trip

Now that we have completed the mosaic (except for painting the side walls that is) we are taking a well earned break and going travelling.

Today we leave for Gouritz to visit Leonie's family for the weekend then we shall continue up the Garden Route and spend two or three weeks exploring and finding things of interest.

We are not taking the laptops with us so the Blog updates may be a little infrequent, what's new there then?! But we will try and keep you up to date as best as we can.

See you in the next update, whenever that may be!

Jon and Elaine xxx

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Ade said...

Hi guys,

Just been updating myself with what you've been up to. From what I can gather it's drinking, eating and enjoying the sun!! What a hard life! Of course I'm not jealous. Belated birthday wishes to Elaine. Afraid I turned 29 a couple of days after you and I've now decided that I don't really fancy getting any older! Hope you've enjoyed your road trip. We'll try to check the blog a bit more regularly.

Hugs and kisses